Hussain Jawad

WJ Towell & Co.LLC was established in Muscat as a British company in 1866 and acquired by our family in 1914. We are proud to have maintained this family business for generations.

We are in the process of preparing the 5th generation with the right training and orientation to take over the mantle and go forward. In our forefathers' time, their word was the "agreement" and their promise was the "cheque". These fundamentals together with ethical and moral values of conducting business continue to be followed by us and we have, to a great extent, succeeded in blending these with modern corporate governance.

We are proud that our association and partnership with various international business houses has been very successful and long, up to 70 plus years in some cases. We firmly believe that the blend of tradition with modernization has helped the management in achieving several milestones and will continue to do so.

The dedication of our employees is indeed a valuable asset and a key element behind our success.
We place on record our grateful thanks to our CEO's and GM's in our seven clusters for growing this organization to the current level. We hope to continue serving our customers and partners in the region and beyond for many more generations to come.