Majan Distribution Company (MDC) is a Joint Venture between Enhance and Union Trading Company (UTC). Enhance has a stake of 70% in the Joint Venture while the remaining 30% was retained by UTC. MDC commenced operations in 2014.

MDC is now distributing brands namely Luna (Milk Products & Beans), Al Hamra (Evaporated Milk), Americana (Cakes, Cookies & Olives), Gandour (Confectionary), Greenland (Cheese), Viva (Water), Noon (Deserts & Powder Drink), & Linex (Tissues). Enhance UAE Brands Diamond (Jams, Canned Fish and Honey) and Sultan (Cereals, Coconut Milk Powder), Fogg (Body Spray), NES & ULI Products (CAMAY, Zest & Ponds).

Majan Distribution Company
PO Box 1834, PC 130
Azaiba, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman