Future Pipe Industries

Future Pipe Industries (FPI), part of Future Pipe Group (FPG) is a leading manufacturer of high performance, anti-corrosive pipe systems for oil & gas, petrochemical, power & desalination plant, portable water, and sewerage and Municipal application.. The group was founded in 1973, and since then has evolved into a global leader in the large diameter fiberglass pipe industry across Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America and Asia. The company's leading position is built upon a number of key strengths including our reputation, global reach, extensive portfolio of high quality fiberglass pipe system, operational capabilities and strong management team.

Future Pipe Industries in partnership with WJ Towell & Co. LLC in Oman commenced commercial operation in mid-2005. The manufacturing plant is located in Rusayl Industrial estate in Oman. The factory is built on a plot area of 36,751 sq. meters. We run two complete production lines to produce Wavistrong® Glass Reinforced Epoxy pipes up to Diameter 1000mm diameter and Fiberstrong® Glass Reinforced Polyester pipe up to 2800mm diameter respectively using state of the art technology. A long term testing facility is in operation at the manufacturing facilities for qualifying a full range of new product for high pressure, high temperature & fire resistance application. We provide manufacturing, engineering, installation and logistics support as well commissioning support services as part of a single point responsibility.

Future Pipe Industries is a proud winner of the prestigious His Majesty Cup & Shield Award for the best five factories for two consecutive years in 2007 & 2008. FPI has supplied PDO with a 500Kms glass reinforced pipe system for various applications in the oil & gas sector. We have also been associated with the municipal and industrial development in Oman. Some of the major projects supplied includes Oman Methanol, Barka Power & Desalination, Salalah Dam, Sur IWPP, Salalah IWPP, Salalah Methanol, Oman LNG, Sohar Fertilizer, Muscat International Airport, Shadeed Steel, Majis cooling water system and various waste projects for HAYA etc.

We are dedicated to quality and committed to ensure customer satisfaction. We propose pipe systems that comply with existing international standards with proven performance certified by independent international authorities & organization. As a result through our vast experience we have built a reputation for reliability and integrity, the qualities that embody FPI's dedication to excellence and a one stop solution for fiberglass pipe system.

Future Pipe Industries
PO Box 213, PC 124
Rusayl, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman