WJ Towell Group continuously supports people in need

WJ Towell & Co. LLC is one of the oldest companies in the country and has been supporting the community all through the years. It is one of the most important pillars on which the company stands.

The Holy month of Ramadan is less than a month away and the hot summer has arrived. The Sustainable Development Department within the group recently performed field visits and thorough studies of a large number of families in need and those who are under social insurance. This was all executed in order to determine their requirements in general and especially of electrical appliances.

WJ Towell & Co. LLC announced today that the company has supplied 118 families with air conditions, fridges, washing machines and other house appliances. In addition, the company has carried out renovation works on mosques and residences for 84 thousand OMR.

Mr. Ali Abdul Hussain Shaban, General Manager, Systems & Resources Management of the group said:
- "We deliver numerous programs throughout the year focusing on various categories of persons in need and families covered by the social insurance. We also look at individuals with physical challenges and charitable associations in addition to a number of training and qualification programs for job-seekers in remote areas through our training and development arm; the Al Rumais Training Institute".