Encouraging good health

Ever since the start in 1866, WJ Towell Group has been focusing on improving the lives of many in the community within education, health and housing. The welfare of the employees is also of great importance.

During the last two years the Towell Group has arranged regular Health Weeks for all employees in the Head office building in Ghala. This is one of many projects for the Towell group employees and includes everything from healthy information on food, from fitness centers, hospitals and Oman Cancer Association to learn the basic in yoga and donate blood.

For the first time for the Towell Group, overweight people and with a will to change their lives were invited to participate in a competition running for six months. The Towell Group found a suitable and knowledgeable partner in the International Medical Center Sugar Apollo Specialized Centre for Diabetology, Endocrinology along with Dermatology, Ophthalmology, MRI & Others located in Ruwi, Muscat. The centre has professional staffs who are dedicated to help people with life style diseases. One important factor is also to share information on risk factors to people in Oman.

A program for the contestants was put together for those who were willing to start a more healthy way of living. The program included assessment, regular monitoring and a strict diet to follow. The program has become a great success and some of the contestants have lost between 10 to 30 kg’s.

The winners were revealed and congratulated at an event in the hospital where officials from both parties were attending. Ms Sumaira, Dietitian at Sugar-Apollo executed the 6 month "weight loss program" and briefed about healthy eating habits and achievements of the program. Dr. Binu P Pillai-Specialist Endocrinologist and Dr. Praveen-Diabetologist were the medical support and gave brief information on diabetes and life style diseases related to obesity.  

The prices were handed over by the GM of Systems and Resources with WJ Towell; Mr Ali Abdul Hussain Shaban and the Dr. Dilip Singhvi(Medical Director-Apollo Hospital Muscat) to the happy and proud winners of which Mr Mohammed Darwish Al Belushi working for Enhance was the winner by losing 33,4 kg in six months.