The Towell Institute of Knowledge organizes a "receptionist" course for job seekers


The Towell Institute of Knowledge organizes a "receptionist" course for job seekers

Based on the Institute's responsibility for improving and developing human resources, the Towell Knowledge Institute organizes a specialized training course on "Customer Service" for job seekers from high school graduates, Where the Institute seeks through this session to prepare and qualify those wishing to work as a "receptionist". This course aims to introduce the most important functions of the receptionist and good dealing with customers. It consists of 65 hours in 3 weeks, provided by the Towell Knowledge Institute, free of charge, to more than 50 job seekers from secondary school students in two batches. The course consists of three main modules:


  • English Business Unit
  • Basic Computer Skills Unit

- In addition to the customer service unit, the capabilities, skills and qualities Which are supposed to be available in receptionist This course is in line with the policy of the Towell Institute of Knowledge and its orientation to support society in all its categories, based on the principle of social responsibility as one of its main pillars.

Ali bin Abdul Hussain bin Shaaban Al Lawati, Head of Corporate Affairs at Towell Group, said: " The Towell Institute of Knowledge is one of the institutions of the Towell Group, which was established as part of the general strategy of the Group, Which pays particular attention to training     As the fundamental pillar to build capacity and skills, develop national human resources and promote development. The Institute provided many workshops and courses that benefited many citizens who joined them. The Institute provides trainers and professors specializing in their field, in addition to several training halls equipped with all means of training and education.

Tawfiq Bin Mustafa Al Lawati, Director of the Towell Knowledge Institute, also stated that:" out of Institute’s concern on its role in social responsibility, He has allocated part of his training to supporting the community in many aspects, like providing free foundation courses for job seekers, especially from areas outside Muscat, In order to qualify them for the local labor market, commensurate with their abilities and professional and academic qualifications. Between 2015 and 2017, the Institute trained some 800 job seekers, some of whom were recruited, and some of them qualified to establish their own businesses.