The participation of the Towell Group in the workshop on the project "Preparation of unified national policies on social responsibility and sustainability"

Towell Group participated in the workshop held at the Oman Center for Governance and Sustainability on the “project preparing of unified national policies on social responsibility”, which aims at reinforcing the importance of social responsibility and sustainability in the public and private sector. The workshop was attended by 55 people representing 36 institutions in the public and private sectors, With a view to introducing them to the project which is being implemented by the Oman Center for Governance and Sustainability. During the workshop, the project work plan was discussed and divided into six phases, which are community outreach, desk research, Reference feeding, preparation of the reports, The draft of guidance document/ the National Charter, dissemination and awareness-raising of institutions through training workshops, the adoption of the guidance document / The National Charter for Sustainability and Community Responsibility and its inauguration and presentation to the public. In the community outreach phase, the Center will ensure that an integrated draft guide is prepared that reflects the expectations and needs of stakeholders, where Oman Center for Governance and Sustainability, in collaboration with Al Wejha Organizaton for Sustainability, will communicate with stakeholders through a number of channels of communication, including individual interviews with target groups, and three interactive dialogue workshops involving representatives of all government, private and civil society sectors.