The Towell Knowledge Institute in Rumais hosts the free program "Digital Literacy for Omani Rural Women"

With the support of a number of private sector organizations, the Vision, in partnership with Oreedo at the Towell Knowledge Institute in Rumais, Towell Group is launching the first phase of the free literacy program for Omani rural women, Who have the lowest level of education to cope with the development of technology, and helps them to complete various tasks, both those related to helping their children to learn, or those related to self-education ... and so on.

The program provides the opportunity for home-based entrepreneurs to promote their products through social media and to grow their e-commerce business. The program also focuses on safety, privacy and child care while roaming in the virtual world.

The program aims to enable 900 Omanis; 450 of them in the first phase of the program, which will be organized by the Towell Knowledge Institute from December 10 to 14 in Ramses, covering Barka, Musana'a, Al Swaiq. The program will be held at Sohar University  for two weeks from December 17 to December 28 to cover Khaboura, Saham, Sohar, Rustaq, Liwa and Shinas.

The program starts in its second phase next February, targeting 450 Omani women in Qurayyat, Al-Amrat, Al-Seeb, Bidbid, Izki, Samail, Nizwa, Bahla and Hamra.

Training is conducted by the Creativity without Borders Center, the Knowledge Office for Training Services and the Office of the Base, given the experience of these training centers. They have already implemented similar programs under the supervision of the ITA and have been nominated by the Commission for the implementation of the program.