The Towell Knowledge Institute participates in a training and employment exhibition in "Banking and Finance Studies College"

Under the patronage of His Excellency Taher Bin Salem Al Omari, Chief Executive Officer of the Central Bank of Oman, the College of Banking and Financial Studies organized an exhibition of training and employment opportunities. The exhibition was aimed at to introduce the college's outputs, to strengthen the relationship between the college and the different sectors of work, As well as the opportunity for participating institutions to identify the students and graduates of the College of Banking and Financial Studies and to see their academic achievements and the skills and abilities they have, in addition to introducing students and graduates to the opportunities of work and training available. The exhibition was attended by companies and institutions from various sectors, which gave students the opportunity to learn about the nature of the jobs available in these institutions, as well as the opportunities to identify the quality of the training programs available and suit them for the graduates' specializations. The exhibition included a number of specialized workshops, including: a workshop on job evaluation methods, and another workshop on writing CV and interview skills.

The Towell Knowledge Institute participated in a special exhibition featuring a presentation screen for the Institute, as well as some brochures and publications on the training programs carried out by the Institute.