WJ Towell & Co. LLC is committed to social responsibility based on values and principles system. The company is taking the social role seriously through effective initiatives in various social events to create added value. This work has positive effect on our social responsibility programs alongside our sustainable way in assisting the less fortunate groups in the society.

These contributions have included all the key fields and sectors in the society such as:

  • Housing and facilities development
  • Healthcare and welfare
  • Education and academic support
  • Social and religious contributions

The company believes that healthcare is one of the cornerstones in contributing and serving the society's individual and institutional needs. Our work includes considerable efforts in the field of serving patients either directly or through external health institutions.

We have worked hard to focus on the educational sector and supported "the education journey" through different projects such as offering scholarships for underprivileged students to pursue their academic ambitions. We are also continuously offering contributions to families in need with tuition fees, school transportation and educational requirements and items.

The company has been synonymous with supporting and sponsoring different activities, events, enterprises and initiatives like economic and business conferences. We also support educational and awareness activities, youth and sports, the national initiatives aiming at empowering the national economy and encouraging local competitiveness and social leading initiatives.

In addition to the medical and educational support and social activities, the company has offered construction contributions which benefit many social groups in need of special care.

We support many social and human programs and activities that contribute to enhance the bonds of cooperation and integration among the components of the society. The group has sponsored many charities as well as the direct financial support for the needy individuals and families all year round.

WJ Towell & Co. recognizes the concept of social responsibility and its importance to achieve sustainable development as it is our commitment towards our employees, the society and the surrounding environment. This contribution is in accordance with our policy and approach to support all classes in the society, especially those in urgent need.

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