Towell Drilling and Oilfield Services Co. (TDOS) was established in 2008, when the company started a a drilling rig services contract in India for drilling coal bed methane (CBM) wells. The company then commenced top hole drilling services in Oman for PDO in 2009 and is currently executing the same.

TDOS has state –of- the- art hydraulic top drive drilling rigs capable of drilling with air/foam as well as with conventional mud tailor made for Top Hole drilling. The rigs are highly mobile and are capable of drilling large diameter holes (up to 26") and install 13 3/8" casing up to 900m deep. The entire rig and camp setup is completely on wheels that enables quick and safe transportation of equipment.

Tophole Drilling is a novel approach for drilling Oil & Gas wells, and has resulted in spectacular gains to operators with reduced drilling time & savings of hundreds of dollars for each well drilled.The idea is to employ a smaller "fit for purpose" rig to drill the top section of the hole, since the rig will be cheaper than the conventional reservoir rig. This rig can prepare the holes to within striking distance of the reservoir, and the larger rig can do the more complex work of finishing the reservoir section.The tophole rig is also easy to handle, faster to move between locations, and drills with air/foam thereby completing the section faster.

TDOS has a multi-skilled crew that are highly experienced in Top hole and CBM drilling, and supported by a qualified management team for running the projects in Oman and in India.

TDOS has an impeccable safety record in both the Oman as well as Indian operations.Safety has been given the highest priority in TDOS and since 2009, TDOS has been adjudged as one of the safest rigs in Oman, and presented with many accolades and goal zero trophies by PDO.

The company recently expanded CBM drilling operations in India by getting into a contract with Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) to provide Air Drilling Rig services in their CBM block in Madhya Pradesh. The project entails provision of drilling services and associated equipment including compressors, boosters and mud pump.TDOS has the distinction of being the only drilling contractor to have drilled more than 200 CBM wells successfully in India.

Apart from Oman and India, TDOS is actively looking at expanding to other locations in South East Asia, Africa and MENA region.TDOS is also looking at taking up work over jobs in the MENA region based on client requirement.

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