Services and Trade

The Supply Division of WJ Towell & Co. LLC is a division that actively supplies technical and general items to various Government entities including the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Health in Oman. It compliments this primary activity with services including consultancy, after sales support, marketing and training. The Supply Division has been successful in qualifying as an in-country representative for several foreign manufacturers, OEM's and more. This has allowed the Supply Division to successfully secure several opportunities in a diverse range of products and services.

Since the inception in 1975, we have adapted to the changing times and have been sensitive to the opportunities that emerge in the Omani market. With this in mind, we are expanding our presence in the medical industry as well. With numerous medical hospitals and projects under development across the Sultanate, the Supply Division is working closely with our client's to provide them with the latest equipment, services and training. Whatever the client's needs, the Supply Division works with our sister companies, international set of partners and associates to provide the best possible level of service to clients and enhance what we can offer for the rapidly developing times.

In collaboration with various international manufacturers and suppliers, we provide a wide range of turnkey solutions. We deal in but are not limited to ammunition, uniforms and their accessories including metal wear, regalia, braids, lanyards, badges, medals, shields, ceremonial equipment, miscellaneous household supplies, military footwear and headgear, aluminum utensils, crockery and cutlery, tents, tarpaulin, bedding and accessories, flags, small arms and accessories, spare parts for specialized vehicles and aircraft, targeting and weapon systems, CBRN equipment and special purpose vehicles.

Supply Division - WJT
PO Box 1040, PC 112
Ruwi, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman