WJ Towell's presence in the United Arab Emirates dates back to the early 1960's during which time it dominated the regional rice market. With the foundation of the Emirates in early 70's, WJ Towell in the UAE was incorporated in 1972. During the initial years the company concentrated on commodities and garments trading but from the mid-80's the company focus shifted towards distribution of branded consumer goods, mainly foodstuffs.

In 2008, Enhance Oman commenced the provision of management and support services to WJ Towell UAE and this has contributed to the continuing growth and development of the company. Enhance UAE, is the new identity of WJ Towell Co (Dubai). It operates under a General Trading License and has its Head Office and warehouse in Dubai. The company also has offices in Emirates of Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Enhance UAE has a team of professional key Account Managers and Sales & Merchandising personnel to cater to the ever growing Modern Trade format. We also have one of the largest direct distribution fleets in the UAE with over 160 trucks covering 5000+ grocery outlets and convenience stores.

Enhance UAE also has a dedicated Food Service Solutions Division and employ channel specialists who cater to every segment of this exploding channel from the 7 star hotels right down to street cafes. We have a full fledged Trade Marketing Department consisting of Brand Managers for all our key brands. They focus on conceptualizing activities, analysis and reporting.

Enhance UAE is the proud owner of the Diamond and Sultan brand trademarks. Diamond is an active brand across the region in the canned seafood, jams & spreads, honey, coconut milk, cereals and other categories.

We have over 300,000 Sq ft of fully racked warehousing space with temperature zones ranging from ambient to frozen. We have direct delivery from our warehouses in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and stock points and offices in all other emirates. A delivery fleet of 100+ trucks delivers in excess 750,000 cases every month.

We also have a production facility to customize and pack sachets of sugar, salt, pepper etc as well as portion packs of jam, honey, rice, pulses etc.

WJ Towell Co. LLC
PO Box 2581, Dubai
United Arab Emirates