Gulf Seafood LLC

Gulf Seafood LLC (GSF) has been catering to the Hospitality Industry for over 15 years with customized, cooked and ready to cook products. GSF product range includes Freeze Dried Shrimp & selected Fresh & Live Seafood and Breaded Seafood Products. We have recently installed a modern facility to produce Popcorn Shrimp, Fish & Shrimp Dim Sum, Hargau and more. We have also introduced Frozen Snack Food products like Shrimp Samosa, Shrimp Spring Rolls, Fish & Shrimp Dumplings, Seafood Sausage etc. We cater to the local U.A.E market and also export to the Arab Gulf Countries, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East.

GULF SEAFOOD LLC is part of Enhance Operating Companies which has a foot print across the GCC and is a proud part of the W. J Towell Group. The company employs about 120 persons and the processing plant operates 24x6. The organization is led by a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals committed to providing customers with Premium products and services.


Gulf Seafood LLC has set up a modern seafood processing unit. The HACCP Quality Control System has been the backbone of the Gulf Seafood production and marketing culture. HACCP was established from the design stage of the processing facility including selection of plant and equipment.

The modern seafood processing plant was established in 1994. The plant layout and the technical features of the plant and machinery are designed to satisfy the USFDA regulations, E.C. regulation 91/493 - EEC of 22nd July 1991 and HACCP requirements.

The continuous Cooking and Freezing line consists of Controlled cold air defrosting unit, Vacuum tumbling pre-treatment system, Steam Cooker, Counter flow Chiller, Vibratory Feeder, IQF Tunnel, Glazer, Hardener, Post Freezer, Inspection Conveyor, Yamato Multi Head Weigher and Butler Bagging Machine and Metal detector. The installation includes Blast Freezer and Contact Freezer, which enables us to freeze many varieties of seafood products using the three types of freezing techniques.

The plant is fully air conditioned with provision to maintain process hall temperatures at 15 to 20 Degree C. The air handling units blow air through air-socks systems, avoiding A/C ducts. The flooring is finished with 15 mm Epoxy material resistant to water, acids, alkalis and other process material. The plant has a centralized refrigeration system which uses Ammonia as refrigerant. The in-house laboratory has qualified personnel to test raw material and finished products for total viable count, E-Coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Vibrio Cholera, Coliforms and Listeria.

Desalinated water is used for processing, and this minimizes the risks of water borne bacterial contamination. The plant is located in the Jebel Ali Port area and the containers reach the port reefer terminal within 5 minutes after leaving the factory. Jonsson Peeling machines have been installed to make different types of peeled products viz., PD, PD Tail on, Butterfly Shrimp, Easy Peel etc.
Qualified and trained manpower is employed. The liberal Government policy of work permits for expatriate labour enables us to recruit the most suitable personnel for the various jobs.

We have developed Freeze Drying Technology, sophisticated storage system for Live Seafood. Our products can meet with specifications of the best products in the international market.

Gulf Seafood LLC
PO Box 61115, Jebal Ali
Dubai, United Arab Emirates